Faculty Development Summer Grant

Check back in late Jan. 2017 for information on the next Faculty Development Summer Grant.

The Center for Instructional Innovation & Assessment presents the availability of a limited number of summer grants for Western faculty who wish to enhance their courses. Six to twelve awards of $4,000 are available for work to be done during Summer Quarter. This year, there are two tracks available:

  1. Course transformation: Projects in this track focus on significant changes to course delivery and strategy. Especially encouraged are enhancements to gateway courses that might be made available department-wide. Departmental teams may apply to create such enhancements. For instance, faculty teams might create online tutorials for difficult concepts or skills in a gateway course, making the tutorial available to all instructors. Priority will be given to proposals that focus on large (75 students or more) courses and/or gateway courses with high failure rates or difficult material.

    A U.S. Department of Education meta-analysis found that courses which blend online tutorials and support with traditional face-to-face instruction yield higher student achievement than stand alone face-to-face courses.

  2. Alternative textbooks: Projects in this track focus on adopting free or licensed digital materials in order to replace existing and costly textbooks. Especially encouraged are projects which are most likely to improve the quality of instruction for the greatest number of students, while maximizing the total savings to students.

    A recent report, Open Textbooks: The Billion-Dollar Solution, by the Student Public Interest Research Groups concluded that investing in open textbooks has an exponential return on investment in student savings. Depending on funding, we anticipate awarding between 1 and 4 projects in this track.

Both tracks of this program will acquaint faculty with instructional design processes, available technologies, open-source resources, and ideas for web-based course enhancements. Faculty must be available to attend a 5-day on-campus workshop in mid-June, and will then work independently to implement their improvements, supported by CIIA and ATUS staff. A basic level of Canvas knowledge and experience is essential.


The due date for submission is March 10 at 5 p.m.

In order to participate in this faculty development opportunity, faculty must be available to attend all five days of on-campus faculty development sessions during the week of June 13-17, 2017 and must have access to the internet in order to complete the rest of the course development activities during the summer of 2017.

Applications will be reviewed by the CIIA Faculty Advisory Board and awardees will be notified via email by the end of April.


The application requires responses to several prompts, attached syllabi, and electronic signature by the applicant’s department chair. An e-sign form will be available here when the call for applications is open, usually February through March.


  • Faculty must be available to attend 5-day on-campus workshop.
  • Faculty can teach up to 5 summer credits and still participate.
  • Faculty cannot also be receiving a summer teaching or development grant.
  • Faculty cannot also be receiving development funding for the same course from other sources.
  • Faculty may receive this award and a summer research grant, if not teaching.
  • Priority would go to people without a summer grant in a tie breaker.
  • Former recipients may re-apply every third cycle (e.g., 2014 participants can re-apply in 2017).


Justina Brown, CIIA
Email: Justina.Brown@wwu.edu
Haggard Hall 154F