Video Production

Though English 364 is not a course in film or video production, occasionally students have some experience with production or want to try it for the first time. With the accessibility of digital video cameras and software video editing programs, it is relatively easy for students to get hands-on experience with video production. Since I believe it is a valuable exercise to have students create their own videotexts, I allow for them to substitute video production for one of the writing assignments, if they choose. Generally, three or four students take advantage of this opportunity, and we organize a Class Festival on the last day of class, so that the students can present their work. It has always been incredibly instructive and interesting, and the students have loved seeing their peers' videos.

Still image from Circle 4, produced by Ethan Abata
This still is taken from Ethan Abata's video project, Circle 4, produced for undergraduate credit in the film minor. Select the link to the Videos to view this student video in its entirety.

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