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East Asian Studies 210


Fall Quarter 2009 Schedule

Daily at 10:00-11:50

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Course Materials

M Political map of northern Eurasia today
M World Culture Ages
M on Pastoralism
M notes on the Khanty-Mansi
M sheet of terms to know (Test I)
M notes on the Samoyedic Peoples
M notes on the Kets
M notes on the West-Siberian Tatars
M Chronology of steppe empires
M notes on the Altai, Shor, Khakas
M notes on the Tuvans and the Tofalar
M notes on the Mongols and Buryats
M notes on Periods of Russian History
M sheet on Early Russian/Native Siberian relations
M notes on the Ewenki and Ewen
M notes on the Yakut and Dolgan
M notes on the Yukagir
M notes on the Chukchi
M notes on the Korak and Itelmen
M notes on the Yupik and Aleut
M notes on Siberian origins of Native Americans
M notes on the Tlingit
M notes on the Nivkh and Ainu
M notes on peoples of Russia's Maritime Province
M notes on the peoples of Central Asia
M materials on periods of Chinese History
M notes on the Manchu, Tungusic, Mongol peoples in China
M notes on the Manchu
M materials on the Turkic minorities in China
M fact sheet on Minorities of North China Today
The rise and spread of Islam


Ket Artifact Photos

Shaman's pendant: otter
Shaman's pendant: duck
Shaman's pendant: trident
Shaman's pendant: trident
Shaman's pendant: swan?
Shaman's pendant: insect?
Shaman's pendant: snake
Shaman's pendant
Pymyl (Ket jaw harp)
Ket spoon
Ket knife and its sheath
Ket knife in sheath
Ket beads and bead case
Ket gunpowder flask
Ket gunpowder flask
Ket birchbark container
Ket tobacco pipe
Ket bead decorations
Ket Dangols, or doll inhabited by male ancestor spirit
Ket Alel, or doll inhabited by female house guardian spirit
Ket Alel, or doll inhabited by female house guardian spirit
Hatbul, or beater stick for the shaman's tambourine (drum)


Heinrich Werner
Vajda/Zoya Maksunova
Novosibirsk Suburb