Fall Quarter 2000
List of Materials and Maps

M,T,W,F 12-12:50 (no Thursday lectures)

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M Physical map of Northern Eurasia
M Area Map
M map of native peoples of Western Siberia
M map of native peoples of Eastern Siberia
M map of languages of China Today

Course Materials
M Political map of northern Eurasia today
M World Culture Ages
M on Pastoralism
M notes on the Khanty-Mansi
M sheet of terms to know (Test I)
M notes on the Samoyedic Peoples
M notes on the Kets
M notes on the West-Siberian Tatars
M Chronology of steppe empires
M notes on the Altai, Shor, Khakas
M notes on the Tuvans and the Tofalar
M notes on the Mongols and Buryats
M notes on Periods of Russian History
M sheet on Early Russian/Native Siberian relations
M notes on the Ewenki and Ewen
M notes on the Yakut and Dolgan
M notes on the Yukagir
M notes on the Chukchi
M notes on the Korak and Itelmen
M notes on the Yupik and Aleut
M notes on Siberian origins of Native Americans
M notes on the Tlingit
M notes on the Nivkh and Ainu
M notes on peoples of Russia's Maritime Province
M notes on the peoples of Central Asia
M materials on periods of Chinese History
M notes on the Manchu, Tungusic, Mongol peoples in China
M materials on the Turkic minorities in China
M fact sheet on Minorities of North China Today

Study Guides
Test One Study Guide
Test Two Study Guide
Final Study Guide