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Fall Quarter 2001 Syllabus

Daily 11:00-11:50

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Professor: Edward Vajda (rhymes with the "vita" in "vitamin.")

Office: Humanities 255

Office Telephone: 650-4856

Office hours: Thursdays 12:00-1:00



An Introduction to Language, 6th ed., by Fromkin and Rodman.

Online and reserve class lecture notes, and obligatory supplementary reading materials, by E. Vajda. By selecting one of the links above, you can view and download each day's class notes in advance of the lecture (if you do so and bring the printout to class, it will save you a lot of writing). You can also read each day's full lecture here also. Available here as well as in paper form in the Library Reserve Room (at the 2nd floor of Haggard Hall portion of Wilson Library) are lectures and obligatory supplementary reading materials, marked SM in the syllabus below (But the website is more up-to-date).

Course grade:

Four tests, each worth 25% (no cumulative final). The following scale will be used to grade each of your four tests, as well as to convert the average of your four tests into you final grade:



Information in readings and lectures overlap only partly. This means that to do well on tests, attend all lectures and complete all readings, either before or after the class day for which they are listed (according to how you feel you better absorb the information).

For the tests know all the darkened words in the readings, regardless of whether they were explicitly mentioned in the class lectures. And pay special attention to everything in the packet of supplementary materials.